Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sticking Your Dick in Crazy Part 3

"Wait, what?" She asked, taken aback.  Did he suddenly realize this wasn't a good idea? 

"Cm'on," he said now with a little more authority.  "Just for a second, get up."  She got off him and stood up.  He also stood, then without warning shoved her straight down onto the bed.  She was too shocked to respond to how forcefully he did so, as she couldn't believe she was just fooled so quickly into being on the bed.  A heart-shaped bruise from the heel of his hand would grace her right breast the next day, and for over a week afterward.

He climbed on top of her as she laughed and stated "Well done, you almost had me there!" And since he had already written the script...they proceeded to act out their roles accordingly.  She loved his responses to her touch, and he expressed many times how much her tiny moans turned him on.  It was steamy hot from beginning to end.  She was shocked to find how nice sex was with a different penis person, she didn't need any lube for the first time in her life.  Though she didn't orgasm (he was disappointed), she had the best time she'd had in a long time.  She was sated.  Blissful.

When he came she hugged him to her with her legs, loving the feeling of his orgasm pulsating inside her.  It felt powerful, like she had accomplished something.  She was validated.

Suddenly he pulled away, jumped off the bed and stood next to it, claiming a leg cramp.  She was concerned and asked if there was anything she could do.  A cramp sounded plausible, as they had tried at least three different positions, one of which made possible by her weekly yoga classes.

He then went to the bathroom to work out the cramp and flush the condom, she put on her underwear and a t-shirt.  After he had been in the bathroom awhile, she reached over and grabbed his hat and put it on her head, thinking it would make him laugh when he walked out.  He walked out of the bathroom and only noticed that she had on clothes...but it was more stating a fact than it was any outrage.  He didn't notice the hat.  She slowly took it off and put it on the table, and said that she had to use the bathroom, and she'd be right back.  He seemed to still need a moment to pull himself together, and she needed to clean up.

When she came back out he was fully dressed, sitting on the couch.  His foot was bouncing up and down quickly, knocking into her coffee table.  It was her turn to state the obvious.  "Wow, totally dressed huh?  Why is--"

"I don't think I can stay.  I'm really freaking out right now.  I only broke up with her this morning!" 

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