Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dick Surfing

"Who needs food?  Let's just go out and drink!" MG texted.  She couldn't agree more.

They started out at a place that MG frequented often and ordered them an off-the-menu drink.  It was delicious, and they started in on the deep stuff right away.

"Cm'on, you and HAS to be happening." MG said to her.  She kept her cool and said "Nothing is happening.  He has a girlfriend, I'm just getting out of a decade long marriage.  We are just friends, honestly."

It wasn't a lie.  At this point there certainly wasn't more.  It was something she needed to stick with.

MG had broken up with a guy about a month before.  A week later it came out that for the full year and a half they had been together, he had been cheating on her.  As it turns out, she was actually the other woman...for a full year and a half without knowing it.

MG was crushed.  Destroyed.  She wanted to move out of the city, forget about him and everyone there.  Her heart went out to MG, as betrayal has got to be the hardest thing to get over.  How was she going to be able to trust again?

She told her that although this was awful, it wasn't going to be the end of her world.  She was very young, super hot, and anyone would be lucky to have her.  She wasn't just blowing smoke either, the girl was very hot.  She really hoped that she pulled herself out of this slump without too much damage.

The conversation, of course, came back around to KSL.  A few years ago, when she was young and stupid, MG had given KSL a blow job.  She couldn't remember many details, except for the fact that he was the smallest she'd ever seen, before or after.  She stifled a laugh, and said "Why'd you give him a blow job then, had to get that popcorn kernel out of your teeth?"  They howled with laughter, so hard that other bar patrons turned to look at them.

Apparently he had kicked another girl out of his house, turned off all the lights and lit candles when MG had come over.  It devolved from there, and she ended up giving him a blow job.  The way she described the build up was the same.  A bunch of D & M-ing that ended up in his house, in a situation she didn't expect but welcomed anyway.  Hardly any deviation from her own situation...only no blow job.  No sex.

MG mentioned her friend that KSL cheated on his now-girlfriend with, and what a wild sex life they had.  "She said she came multiple times, every time with him.  He might have a small penis, but apparently he knows how to use it."  It was certainly something to think about...and not do.  Besides, maybe that girl is just easily excitable.

"Wow," she said to MG, "He must be really disappointed that nothing has happened with me if this is his pattern."

Inside her head, she was thinking how disappointed she was that he was never going to try and change, be better.

She texted MG that she got home safe, and they got into a conversation about hobbies.  MG said "mine is botulism" and she texted back " 100% need a new hobby.  Might I suggest knitting?"

The answer, "HAHAHAHA I mean....yeah.  I would not tell you no."  She replied "Let's be old ladies later, for now let's just go dick surfing together."

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