Friday, May 6, 2016

The Status Update

"First day as a Substitute Teacher was awesome! Did Elementary Special Ed. Nothing feels as good as walking into a lunchroom full of 2nd graders and seeing their eyes widen and mouths falling open in wonder at the giant that just came in. The collective "Whoaaaaaa!" was pretty cool, too.
Good times."

The husband's status update sounded like he was doing really well.  She "loved" it and went about her day.  It came back up on her feed later, and it suddenly hit her.

It was a status update.  There were no texts from him, nothing sharing his day.  She got to know about his day through a status update.  She teared up a little, but also raised her head up and down, nodding yes to herself as she looked out at the city through her window.  She looked over in the general direction to her mother's house, and wished him well.

The more she thought about it, the more he might not have even told her about it had she been there.  She was still doing the right thing.

The tear receded without running down her face.  She took a deep breath, then went back to her writing.

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