Friday, May 13, 2016

Mr. Zero Knew

"I'm waiting for an apartment and then I'm killing it." KSL messaged.

"Yeah?  That should be a fun day....Mr. Zero Knew."

"So, A) there are no movers. Only Zuul. Or rather, Uhaul. And that shit can be set up same day. B) there is no other person, like the tax attorney. I'm not in love with, nor am I actively fucking anyone else. And C) its not that I've never loved her or been in love with her. I love her very much. Why the fuck do you think I'm depressed and beating myself up over this?"

"So, A) I just meant you were planning it out to basically have a Uhaul and be like "I'm out" which is why B) I only quoted "Mr. Zero knew" instead of the entire scene. C) Not trying to make you feel bad."

"But I don't have the option of just ending it now, though I really wish I could." 

"Fair enough."

Fair enough had become their code for "I've got nothing left to say to you right now."  She didn't, especially after the love comment.  She could tell even through text that he was just agitated from the situation and didn't mean it as a dig at her.  To be fair, she couldn't use the L word with him comfortably either.  They were beyond like, but came up short before love.  She wished there was a word for their flirtationship.

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