Monday, August 1, 2016

Sunday Brunch is Okay for Chilling

She kept looking on the inmate list, calling the automated number, and 21 wasn't there.  She finally had to admit defeat and walked home.  She was just heading into her apartment when Dawn texted asking if she could head over to her house early.  She couldn't be alone, she had gotten a text from her ex that upset her.  She said sure and hopped in the shower.

Right as she was almost ready, Goldie knocked on her door with a job opportunity for her at a film festival.  They chatted for awhile, she told Goldie about the MIA actor, her kissing Acrobat.

"You are going to end up fucking him." Goldie predicted, and she immediately winced at the thought.

"No!  I'm done being anyone's rebound.  I'm sick of being used." Secretly though, she was terrified.  Goldie was almost always right.  Why didn't anyone want her as a relationship?  Was this her future?  The girl you fucked to get over your ex?  Where did that leave her? Basically feeling as used as anyone could feel.

Minutes after Goldie left, Dawn entered her apartment.  She got ready quickly and they headed out to early morning coffee.  Dawn got filled in on the evenings events, and Dawn filled her in on the text message that sent her into a panic this morning.

Dawn's ex had sent her a text inviting her to paddle-board in an area she previous said she would love to go paddle-boarding.  He basically had invited her to what could be described as her dream date.  Only problem was, he didn't want to date her anymore.  She was conflicted as she really wanted to go, but already had plans all day.

"If you want to ditch out on me I totally understand!" She said to Dawn, who immediately said no.  They discussed how stupid men could be, giving them what they want only after it was too late.  Earlier the last week Dawn had slipped up and had sex with her ex, thus throwing the whole "we are friends now" dynamic into super orbit.  The waters they were navigating were very treacherous, and she didn't want Dawn to get hurt.  Their situations were too close to one another, only Dawn had at least had a small relationship first.

They both weren't in love with their male counterparts, but there was more emotion there than normal.

They decided to drown their sorrows in an indulgent day.  They went to coffee, then breakfast with mimosas, a bar for some hard cider to kill time, and arrived just in time for the matinee of TM's one man show.

Goldie and SD were there also, as well as Dusky sitting next to her and Acrobat in the row in front of them.  They had seen each other in the lobby, and Acrobat had acted like nothing at all had happened, except for 21's DUI.  She told him he looked nice in his shirt, and they parted ways.

"First of all, hotter than I remember" Dawn said of Acrobat. "Second, older than I remember.  You should go after that!"

"I don't think so...he's still not over his last girlfriend.  The last thing I need is another emotionally unavailable man.  I'm a little burned out on that type of guy."

21 texted that he was out of jail and doing okay, just very embarrassed.

The show started, and it was fantastic.  Afterwards she and Dawn were still feeling a little down about their situations.  They went to dinner where she drowned her sorrows in sushi, and Dawn had some vegan ramen.

They perked up as they left each other, hopefully that their situations would turn around.

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