Thursday, August 18, 2016

Suicide Love

She had made plans to spend her expense check from work with her Maid of Honor from her wedding.  They hadn't made time to see one another or have sushi in a movie in so long, they needed to catch up.

"So....your life has changed a bit, huh?"  MOH asked.  "The whole marriage falling apart thing?  Yeah, no bigs." She joked.

She explained what had happened, sans the chaste make out session with KSL.  She did say she had been tempted, and that is what got her to just break up.  She and MOH had always been pretty straightforward with each other, and she was supportive and understood.  They didn't delve too deep into emotions with each other, but that sort of changed throughout the night.

Now that they were both single, they could share "whore tales" together, and they did until they went to see Suicide Squad later that night.  They sat in the cooler night air and discussed how nice it was to just be with another person, to feel the power of someone else wanting you.  The bruises, the excitement.

The utter loneliness when you didn't have someone to constantly desire you.

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