Friday, August 26, 2016

More Than Once, Shame on Me

Tech week had gone okay, and preview went really well with KSL in the audience with his loud laugh.  He agreed to go out with the cast afterwards, and she was immediately drunk after one cider because she hadn't been able to eat in the last 6 hours.  She found herself less tolerant of KSL's constant "There is no one that will fuck me" lament when he was out in public.

She texted him across the bar "Banana and Acrobat are fucking?  Maybe?"  He walked over to her and said he'd talk about it later.

She raised her eyebrow, but agreed they would talk later.  She demanded that he drive her home about a half hour later and tell her the story.

They were walking to his car, and he asked how she was.  "Drunk, since I didn't eat anything.  Don't dawdle, tell me the story!"  She looped her arm through his as they walked, meant it to be a friendly gesture.  However, even in her drunken state she could feel him tense up.  She pulled away, hurt that even a friendly gesture couldn't be taken as such by him.

"Well, Banana and I have been hooking up actually.  For about a month."

She stopped cold, glad that she was not touching him in that moment.  "A month?"

"Yeah, about that.  Anyways she texted me, this morning actually, to say she and Acrobat are in a relationship now so she can't hook up anymore.  Which is sad, she was nice...uncomplicated."

She couldn't believe the dumb insults he was throwing at her.  Her emotions were all over the place.  She decided cold and calculating was the best way to go.

" were fucking Banana while we were fucking?"

"NO!  No, it was after.  You weren't even speaking to me at the time."  She didn't buy it.  His timetable didn't match up with X and Banana.  She suddenly realized he had sex with 4 different women this year alone.  She had honestly dodged a bullet.  She wondered if he planned on telling either girl that they were at risk for HPV.

She was pissed by the time he dropped her off, and basically became tight lipped about it when he asked.  She wasn't about to let another drop spill that wasn't completely venomous.  He saw her anger and said "I'm sorry, look, I only told you because I felt like I owed you...for like, everything.  I didn't have to tell you."  Luckily she saw SD walk into the building, made the excuse she had to talk to her, and left the car.

She got angrier and angrier as her elevator rose higher and higher.  She fired off three rapid texts to KSL when she walked in her front door:

"So, just one thing...can you not like, be all 'I can't get one person to fuck me' when you are SWIMMING IN PUSSY?  It's annoying.  Clearly you can get it.  You've literally slept with 3 fucking people since your ex.  It hasn't even been a year.  Just own it."
"And yeah, I'm upset, at the fact that I'm fabulous but literally everyone would rather fuck someone else.  It's demoralizing.  I'm fucking done.  I ruined a mediocre marriage to be alone for the rest of my life.  Like an idiot."
"Because THIS is what I get for being vulnerable.  Opening up.  I get shit on.  Why bother?  With fucking any of it."

He texted a simple "Stahp."  She responded "I'm not saying anything that isn't true.  You can't even deny that."

She stayed up all night, only getting a few hours of sleep, because she was furious.  With everyone, but especially KSL

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