Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Curtains for KSL

"I told you about X, right?" KSL started.  He hadn't.

"X" was a girl that about a month ago he started basically dating.  

"I'm happy to make out and grope around, sure, but I try not to let it go further. I succeed, to my surprise. Explain my way outta the situation and leave."

She asked "Why didn't you just have sex with her if you were basically dating? What stopped you? What we had going was pretty much all but over, not that it wasn't easy out clause central, so what stopped you?"

"Alright, fine. We did it once. There." He replied.

She wished that she felt anything but inevitability when she read that sentence, but she didn't. She'd predicted this over and over. She was anything but surprised.

"Okay, well in the grand scheme of things that makes more sense. So, you think that she is awesome, you are attracted to her, clearly you have sexual chemistry...you took her on dates. If you really like her, something you could never admit with me, then what's the problem? What is stopping you from being in a relationship with her?"

"I didn't feel the spark."

"So, let me ask you...were you really not going to tell me that you slept with her?"

"I was gonna try and find a way to work it in. I wasn't entirely keen on your potential reaction"

"We had an easy out clause, but now that you withheld I'll always wonder if you slept with other people while we were sleeping together."

"Well wonder no more! She was the only one. And yeah, I wrapped it up. Wouldn't want to potentially give out HPV, you know?"

This conversation spiraled into dragging the name of the girl who potentially gave him HPV out of her. After dragging her through his trash, she relented.

"Fine, you know what, why not take absolutely everything away from me KSL. Take it all, everything that I am so that you can treat me like trash some more, until I lose faith in everything about you, because clearly you won't be happy until you've rejected absolutely everything I am."

She gave him the name. "She'll deny it, everyone will deny it, and then you won't trust me despite the fact that I have never been anything but honest to you. You doomed me before you even knew me."

"Oooh, that's a good line. I'm sure it'll read great when you type it up. I guess I just shouldn't be with anyone anymore. I'm sure you support that decision."
"I don't care what you do with your dick anymore. Our pact is over."
"I ruin everything I touch"
"I can't disagree. You throw away perfectly good women and pine for the worthless ones."
"I came to you to talk, as friends

How the fuck do we always end up here?

Because me


I do this

Every time"
He was being manipulative. This was the point where she was supposed to turn, to feel sorry for him. She was over it this time.
"What do you want to do about it?"
"Well, I don't have the money for a therapist and I hate meds"
"Okay, eliminated options. So, without those things, what do you want to do about it?"
"I would love to fix it. But at this time, I don't see a way how. So, I can withdraw from interaction and keep everyone safe."
"Do you want to fix it? Or do you just want to be happy?"
"I don't know if both can happen"
"You think that fixing it won't fix your relationships, thereby making you happy? If you don't believe that, then maybe there is less accident in your being an asshole than you think."
They planned a time when they could meet to drop off her stuff. Without the orgasms, all he was to her was a terrible, terrible friend.

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