Monday, August 8, 2016

Closing Night

The Show From Hell had finally come to a close.  They had a great last crowd, and everything went mostly smooth, save for an audience member who had mixed hard core pain meds and booze and ended up throwing up at the top of the show.

After the show she, Dusky, and 21 were going to go for her and KSL's signature cocktail.  She was hoping that if she shared it with someone else it would lose it's KSL power.  Now that they were basically through as friends and lovers, he was liking every post.  It was unnerving, and pissed her off as he hadn't liked anything of hers in months on social media.  He was doing it to virtually keep his face in her memory.  All she wanted to do was forget.

21 came to her in a panic after the show: He had forgotten his wallet at home, and couldn't buy her the drink.  She sighed as he lived a fair distance away, and said that they needed to leave then to fix the situation.  She told one of the directors what was going on and that they'd be back, and took off.

They were on their way back with the signature drink when she got a barrage of texts from cast members.  Where were they, everyone was waiting on them.  She was irritated, because the director knew damn well what was up with the situation.  They all arrived back a little irritated, and they were yelled at by everyone.  It looked like the shitshow was ending appropriately enough.

What they were "waiting on" was a toast the director wanted to make to everyone about all their hard work.  They got emotional, and it just got weird because obviously it didn't mean as much to everyone else.

After some pizza and cake that had the poster of the show printed on it, they moved onto another bar.  She unabashedly brought her signature cocktail in and sipped it throughout the night.  They were out until 3AM talking about their new shows and just making the moment with the people they cared about last a little longer.

Eventually she and SD walked home, their next hangout now up in the air with the close of the show.  She would miss certain people, but she was feeling no la petite morte for this one.

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