Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sausage Filled Weekend Part 2

Piz was slightly goofy looking, but very sweet.  She arrived a little early to the bar and texted him she was going to be on the porch.  He arrived minutes later, early.  They both picked out the same drink, and took it outside to the porch to enjoy them.

He was in great spirits for having lost his job earlier in the week.  He had decided to go outside his comfort zone and try life insurance, but they had let him go when he said he wouldn't join the union.  It was a right to work state, and he was well within his rights to refuse to join a union.  They were also well within their rights to let him go.  It was a bad situation, but he had an interview with a job in his field on Monday that he was positive about.

He let her prattle on about when she met their favorite author, the stories he told.  She talked about the plays she was doing, and he seemed genuinely interested. He was...sweet.  She kept coming back around to that adjective.  But he was.  He was nice, and sweet.

"So, something that isn't in my profile..."  He started.  "Oooh," she said, scooting forward in her seat, "Yes, tell me a secret."  He smiled slightly, and confided to her that he had gotten a divorce in December.  He had just started to become friends with his ex again, but it was a pretty rough divorce.  She could feel her face soften, and she told him about her impending divorce.  The talk shifted to the feeling of divorce, of having to try so hard but in the end not being able to make it work.  Her heart went out to him, as she could see him feel the same.  There was a sense of camaraderie, of getting through separate wars but understanding what the other person went through.  Their hearts were open to each other, but suddenly in a non-romantic way.  She realized that, like him, she wasn't ready for a serious relationship.

They made plans to check out an old bar the next weekend, and it felt like the beginning of a beautiful friendship...and maybe more in the future.  When they were ready.

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