Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stand Up and Run

She was just beginning to settle into a Friday night looking out at her view and writing on her couch when her phone chirped out that she had a text message from Goldie.  It was sent to her and Super Director, and it was an invite to see a SNL alum do stand up that night.

Goldie was forever with some of the best luck she'd ever seen.  This event was sold out of course, but Goldie not only got them 2 tickets, but got them bumped up to the 4th row VIP area with 4 drink vouchers.  When it rains, it pours.  She was more than happy to swim in Goldie's solid gold pond for the night.

She picked up SD from her floor and they made their way to the venue.  On the way is when they discovered that they would be in the 4th row.  SD gasped, and said "You know what this means?!?!"

"It means we will be just close enough to be sad about how old he looks now."

"Penny, THIS is why we are friends.  Yes!  It's going to be so much fun!"

"And if it's not, we can totally bail!"


They arrived and were excited to find that there was no need to bail out of anything early.  They grabbed some free Vodka Redbulls and had an amazing time, sitting 4 rows away from an awesome opener and an SNL legend.  Afterwards the crowd cleared out quickly, and they were chatting and catching up.  Suddenly their contact for the tickets hung up her phone call and said "We need to run.  We have to hurry, let's go!"

They grabbed their things and ran down the hall into a ballroom off the main room.  Inside that room was one small table, and the SNL comedian.  SD was beyond excited and could barely speak.  She also didn't say much, mostly just trying to remember to smile for the photo as much as possible.  It was clear that this meant much more to SD and Goldie, themselves being comics.  It was very surreal, but she was happy to be a part of it. 

She briefly thought about how much BFF would be hurt by these pictures the next day.  She knew BFF was feeling edged out, and she confirmed it with a snarky "You guys go all sorts of places without me," days later.  BFF was about to leave town for a month however, and couldn't be upset by anyone doing things without her during that time.

It was going to be an easy month in the friend department, not having to worry about everyone's feelings.

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