Monday, June 27, 2016

Bitter and Resentful

After a 24 hour cooling off period, she and KSL still continued to fight.  He made not one but 3 passive aggressive vaugebook posts during their conversation.  She zigged, he zagged.  They seemed to be at an impasse, and she decided to do what she knew he didn't like.  Make him face himself and see at the hurt he was causing.

 "Does it give you a warm fuzziness to push away people that care about you? To take an action you know won't have any good outcome?"

"Mmm, I feel some more vaugebooking coming on.  I mean, I know it's wrong, but I think I'm gonna do it anyway."

"So then yes, yes is the answer. It does give you a warm fuzzy feeling to hurt others. Good to know."

"No. It hurts. Everytime."

"Like "hurts so good" like a workout? Because it's like you enjoy making me cry on a bi-weekly basis.  'Hey, she's hypersensitive, let's get her to open up so that I've got ammo to emotionally cripple her and treat her like trash!'"

Fuck it
Fuck it all
Sorry to hurt you
As I do"

"Okay, great, let's say you are sorry. What are you going to do about it? Make it up to me, try to change, or just do it again later?"

"In all likelihood and honesty, some combination of all three.  Not at the same time, of course.  That would be silly"

"God forbid this get silly."    

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