Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Late Night Pains

She let another 24 hours pass not speaking to KSL.  They needed yet another cooling off period.  She had made the make up sex joke, and karma was swift: She got her period 12 hours later.  She was quickly in a lot of pain and worried about how she had brought nothing with her and had to swing by the studio.

She was in pain, but she was more tired than anything else.  The dog had kept her up all week, and she hadn't gotten more than 5 or so hours at a time.  One of the few times she got to sleep early he had woken her up to have a fight.

Around 11PM she managed to pass out.  An hour later she woke suddenly: almost at the same time she realized her phone had gone off and another monster cramp ripped across her abdomen. She took a moment to do some deep breathing, then reached across for her phone.

"We had to cancel our show tonight" KSL texted her.  It was close to when the show should have ended anyway, so she wondered why he waited until then to tell him.  She asked what happened, and he said one of the people with the most lines quit 2 hours before showtime.  She had missed the opening of the show the night before because of a panic attack.  They cut 2 pages of script on stage waiting for her to make her entrance.  The show was stressing her out and "She wasn't able to leave shit at the door every night" according to him.  They had spent the whole night reworking the entire show and would try it during the performance tomorrow.

"Stupid question, but anything I can do?"  She asked.  He answered "Not really, but thanks.  I'm just fucking livid."  She could understand, that was beyond unprofessional.  If you are prone to panic attacks, maybe don't be in a show where you were one of the main characters and everyone depended on you.

He asked when she would be back in her own place, she told him a couple of days.  It was isolating there but at least MG and the ex had come by to keep her company a couple of nights.

"The ex came over?  How'd that go?"

"It was really good actually.  He understands now where I was coming from, and I think we will make it out of this with our friendship intact.  I don't feel as guilty anymore."  She wondered how he would take that.

"That's really great.  Happy for you"

Stilted short sentences.  Anger?  Distain?  She decided to ignore it.

"Thanks.  I feel ready to move on."

"Good for you"

He was pissed.  He had to be.  He was angry that she was happy, that her end of relationship was going to be a healthy one.  Maybe he was the one that would get hurt if they continued having sex.

Wouldn't that be a trip?

"Thanks.  If this dog and my uterus would let me get back to sleep everything would be perfect.  I'm sorry things aren't going well for you.  Let me know if I can to anything.  For now I'm going to try and sleep.  Have a good night."

"Sleep well" he responded.

"Same to you"

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