Monday, April 25, 2016

Yet More Trust Issues

"Hey there [last name]!  Hey...are you going to change your name?"

"Excuse me?"

"Are you going to change your know, afterwards?  Like, change your name back?"

"I'm not.....I'm not changing my name."

"Oh!  Okay, just wondering."

She was shaken to her very core.  She became so very angry that she started shaking and literally seeing red.  BFF must have told this woman, it was her friend.  No one else hung out with this girl except the BFF.  How could she do this?  Trying to sabotage her relationship with KSL was one thing, but this was something entirely different.  Not only did she tell her she was separated, but told her she was getting a divorce!  Something that wasn't even talked about yet, and she just assumed.

She texted Goldie who was up in her penthouse with a dislocated hip and told her.  "Maybe she didn't get it from BFF.  Maybe she got it from your post about moving."

She didn't think the woman was smart enough to figure it out from a post that basically just said "Can anyone help me move?" from over a week ago.

Even if they were friends, what kind of a question is that to ask someone out of nowhere?  She had gone through a divorce, you'd think she have more compassion.  She was so pissed at BFF that she could tell BFF understood that something was up later that night.  She didn't say anything, she didn't want to act rashly.  They had a wine walk to go to the next day, and she decided that she would decide on an approach there.  Right now all she could decide was that she wanted to scream loud as day directly into her face.

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