Monday, April 11, 2016

The Ivory Tower part 3

They started off to the improv show, deciding to walk as it was only a few blocks away.  Goldie, Super Director, TM and BFF were all part of the troupe, and she was a little afraid that someone would think they were dating.  She ended up only deflecting one person, MG, telling her "Girl, you told me he had a small penis so why would I be after that?  Trust me, it's not a date.  He just helped me move and you guys were right down the street."

As it was, only one person guessed the truth of her separation and talked to her a little at intermission, a friend in an open marriage.  He told her she was doing the right thing, and they hugged.  She felt so happy to have this many people in her corner. 

Except for sitting next to him during the show, she tried not to be near KSL to dispel any rumors.  Not even one whisper happened between them during the show.  Afterwards they talked to separate people and seamlessly worked the room opposite each other until it was time to leave.  They met up at the door and headed out without a word to anyone.

After the show they walked back to her studio.  KSL said he was also approached by MG asking if it was a date after the show.  He was angry about it.  "I'm helping you move, it's not a date!"  He exclaimed.  She agreed.  It had actually been more intimate than a date so far.

They finished setting up the couch and flopped down on it, her head on his chest. They discussed the improv show and how fun it was.  They admitted what they had was a bit more, but as always he was afraid of "screwing up their friendship." As their discussion wound down he asked her "Do you still want that massage?"

Of course she did, there is nothing she loved more than back massages.  There was a caveat though.  "You are gonna have to lose the sweater."  She started to protest and he stood up and said "Hey, look, I'll do it too," and he took off his shirt so he was only wearing a tank top.  "Not exactly the same, but I guess I'll take it." she said, and removed her sweater so she was only wearing her strappy lululemon sports bra.  He told her to lay face down on the bed, straddled her and went to work.

She couldn't help but moan as he worked the kinks out of her back.  "Is it too much, am I hurting you?" He asked with concern.  Her no was muffled by her pillow.  She assured him that it was rough, but felt amazing.  She felt so relaxed, and alive.  She could feel in the air what was about to happen, and welcomed it.

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