Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Date with Destiny

"Hello!" PJ said in his own lighthearted lilt.  "I just got off work and I'm headed your way.  What is your apartment number?"

He greeted her at the door with one of his warm hugs, and took a cursory tour of the studio.  He tread quietly around and saw the view from the balcony.  He was impressed with the space, and like everyone else, said it would be good for her.

As they walked over to the bridge opening, he said how he was actually looking forward to his evening, as plans had been canceled last minute; an introverts dream.  He said he wasn't getting tired of having nothing to do after work, and he and AB were living it up doing something different every weekend.  She was really happy for them, they still seemed so amazing together.  She was still a little sad that she took most of his time, but nothing could be done about it.  She just had to treasure the time that she did get with him.

As they approached the new bridge, she spotted her...husband?  Ex?  She wasn't sure what to call him anymore.  She saw him taking photos out on the bridge, that was currently only open to foot traffic.  They went in for an awkward hug and talked for a few minutes as they walked across the bridge, then he had to go to rehearsal that was just across the street.  He did share that he was getting a little further in the interview process for a job, which she praised him for.  What else could she do?  She was happy that her friends life was looking up, after she crushed it.  It was all so awkward.

She and PJ walked together in silence across the rest of the bridge, and was about to head down to the water when she spotted her sister and her friend.  They invited themselves over to her apartment, so she said goodbye to PJ and took them upstairs after they all walked back.  PJ gave her a look as he walked away, and she worried that he had an idea of what she'd done.  If he did, he would be so disappointed in her.

Her sister and her sister's friend were obnoxious, so she gave them a basic tour and then kicked them out.  Not a moment too soon, as her nerves had started to get fried.

She stepped into her apartment and felt the energy.  Her sister had helped her raise her desk, and PJ had fixed the door that had gone off the rollers.  Except for some pots and pans, the place was pretty well moved in.  It was glorious.  A few minutes later she was off to Goldie's to enjoy some wine and to sit there as the girls went through all the dancing scenes of the latest Magic Mike.  She shook her head almost the whole time, laughing at how silly they were.

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