Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Ivory Tower part 4

With one fluid motion he had flipped her over and started kissing her neck fervidly.  She arched her back to meet his lips and he cradled the small of her back with his hands.  Before she realized what was happening, he had pulled down one side of her bra and was biting and sucking at her nipple.  His beard grazed the area and burned ever so slightly.  It was electrifying.  It was something right out of a porno.  She felt every single cell in her body.

"Cm'on, we are losing the bra.  I've already had one in my mouth for crying out loud!" He said to her.  As a sign of good faith he took off his tank, then took her bra off her. He took her in his arms and they kissed passionately.  Then, right outside the window a test firework went off at the ballpark, startling them both.  They turned towards the open window on her 19th floor apartment and watched the short show in each others arms.

"Couldn't have said it better myself." She said to him.  He smiled, turned her around, and started kissing down her back, grabbing at her breasts aggressively.  They silently urged the other further, and consensually it got more and more intense. There was biting, sucking, and in-between some brutally honest conversation.  How great everything felt, how they felt about each other.  He said she was a great kisser.  He laughed at her when she took it as a huge compliment and blushed.  Even though it drove him crazy, he let her suck on his earlobes, moaning with lack of self control.

"Please let me at least give you an orgasm."  He begged her.  She declined.  He told her to do her worst to him, and she did everything she could really do.  He accused her of being "60% Penny" and he wanted 100%.

"You know I can't give you 100% right now.  I'm giving you as much of myself as I'm able to right now."


"You know why, shut up and kiss me."

After a few more minutes of romp, he said "Tell me what you want."

She thought back to her conversation with Goldie, when she told her that she needed an alpha male.  "I just need someone to take over, be an alpha male." It was her way of admitting it to herself, that that is what she needed.  In life.  Not in the moment.  It was her mistake.

He took that as the big go ahead, and went harder, faster.  After his hand wandered down her pants, she grabbed his hand and whispered his name.

He stopped dead, and asked her what she wanted to do.  "You said you wanted someone to take charge, that's what I'm doing.  You need to make up your mind here."  She hesitated, then said "I just can't.  I'm sorry.  It's not that I don't want to--"

He rolled onto his back and said "No, it's fine.  I get it, I'm the asshole."

"You are NOT an asshole.  I really want to--"

"S'fine.  I get it."

They sat in silence for a minute, her playing with his hair and laying on his chest.  He said "I guess this was a date after all. We went to dinner, a show, and no sex." KSL tapped his Fitbit to check the time, and said he had to get home.

He didn't even kiss her goodbye.

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