Thursday, April 14, 2016

Show and Tell

"The place is still messy but come down early if you want to see it and hear a tale." She texted to Goldie.  The response, "Ooooohhh....your place at 8pm!?!"

It was Super Director's birthday, and they were planning to meet up in the lobby at 8:30 to start a little night of drinking.  About an hour before their meetup the BFF texted she was coming over early to check out the apartment.  She texted Goldie that story-time would have to be postponed.

BFF came over, sat down, and proceeded to bitch about the other friend that she didn't like but was remaining friends with.  It was droll, and she could have guessed all the twists and turns that BFF was throwing at her.  Goldie came a little later, and they hung out for a bit before piling in the car and heading out.

Once they arrived she felt in her purse for her phone and found it missing.  She had left it in the studio.  "Shit!"  She exclaimed and explained the situation to them.  She had driven so she couldn't drink, and now she couldn't entertain herself either.  "Don't worry," BFF said "We can take a selfie and post it to KSL's wall so that he knows you are safe."  She rolled her eyes at BFF and said "Let's just go."  Out of the corner of her eye she saw Goldie's eyebrows raise.

They kept breaking off into teams of 2 throughout the evening, so once she and Goldie were alone she said "Does BFF know about KSL and you?"

"NO!  You said to kept it vaulted and I have, she knows absolutely nothing."

"Okay, because that was just...did he stay OVER last night?!?!"

He must have forgotten to sign out of the log book in the lobby.  Living in the Ivory Tower with other people she knew had it's drawbacks.   She wondered if Super Director had seen it too.

"No, he left around midnight.  No sex.  Close, but no sex.  It got kinda rough too...I got bruises."  She waited for the judgement to come down from Goldie, expected it...but it never came.

"Oh yeah?  You'll have to show me later!  That's exciting!  My hubby can leave the biggest marks sometimes, its fucking hot."

She breathed a sigh of relief.  No judgement.  Goldie truly was an angel.

Later in the bathroom she showed off her battle scars.  "Holy shit girl, if they lose his dental records and he comes up dead they could just use your arm!  And those ones too?  Man, you had a good night."

She told her quickly about the end of the night weirdness.  "He's just trying to protect himself, he got scared he hurt you.  He'll come back around."

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