Monday, April 18, 2016

Virtually Flirty

Monday she decided a little flirting would lighten things up, and sent him this article laughing about how it matched their Scorpio and Pisces style perfectly.  Then she backed off.

Tuesday he sent her a photo of Dick Van Dyke with the words "Unsolicited Dick Pic" saying "Good Morning!  This should add some fuel to the rumor fire, haha"

She laughed out loud in her office and quickly covered her mouth.  She responded "There are more rumors?!?! From who?  Also, that is the best dick pic I'll ever get.  I'll take that every day."

He quickly texted back "I meant the existing rumors.  You set MG straight yet?"

"Ah, no new rumors then.  I set MG straight that night!  Not that it helped, she went straight to you....I'll snapchat her my bruise later."

"Don't you dare."  She smiled and put down her phone.  Later she made the excuse that she had too much leftover pizza and he should come over and help her eat it.  He said maybe which infuriated her.  She hated to be put on the back burner, in case something better came along.  He got upset with her, and she texted back "Well my apologies for not being the kind of girl that takes a maybe and puts it directly into my hope chest.  Didn't mean to offend you.  I am a natural born defeatist.  In fact that's the name of my biography.  And the chilling follow up, "Uncertainty Gives me Anxiety."" He laughed.

Around 8:30 he texted "Pizza invite still stand?  Heat two for me.  Be there in 5."

Although it wasn't back to Saturday status, it felt better between them.  He decided to do a dramatic reading of her blog, and actually sit down and read the posts she had earmarked for him.  They got from 2006 until 2010 of her life, her picking over the embarrassing posts.

He was making fun of her for something, and sideways glanced at her like he sometimes did.  She felt his gaze and turned to face him.  She got mesmerized by those freckles again, and felt like a kiss was imminent. She panicked and flicked his hat's bill to diffuse the tension.  She immediately regretted it.  She should have just kissed him, but she felt he needed more time.

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