Thursday, March 24, 2016

View from the Top Part 3

"He has my drink, what do you want me to do?" She hissed back.  She already had too much to drink, and knew she had been too loud.  She didn't care, she was sick of BFF's crap in regards to KSL.

KSL shifted in his seat as she approached, and she did a side step, silently asking if that was a message to "Bros not Beaus" and sit in the seat NOT directly next to him.  He shook his head and indicated the seat next to his.  "They said they made it 'Texas' dirty for you."  She took a sip and indeed it was pretty dirty, and pretty boozy too.  She made the drunk decision to drink it quickly so that she would be sober more quickly.  Drunk decisions never turn out well, and she slipped further into a happy stupor. 

The play was a string of monologues done by different people.  Some moving, some yawn-worthy.  Every once in awhile, KSL would whisper a comment in her ear, his breath dancing around her neck.  She would also whisper to him, the side of her face brushing up against his.  She draped her arm around the back of his chair.

At intermission she made plans with PJ to meet up for dinner the next week when the usual movie day happened.  After one week they had been pretty burned out, and AB had other plans.  She was nervous to tell him what she had been up to.  She knew she put far too much trust in his opinion, and she was afraid he was going to tell her to stop.  That what she was doing was wrong.  Then she might have to listen.

She was tired of doing all the right things.  For once in her life she wanted to do the wrong thing.

The second half of the play was uncomfortable as BFF decided to sit directly behind them with another member of the board.  They still whispered to each other, but not as frequently.  She felt as if she was under glass the rest of the night.

"Shall we go?" KSL asked after the lights came up.

"Yes, we can go now."

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