Monday, March 7, 2016

Emotional Baggage

The week had been very trying.  The set changes for the show had proven to be very exhausting, and she was beating herself up about not being able to physically get through it.  She had snapped at KSL after he gave her crap about rolling around a stanchion because she couldn't actually pick it up. She apologized a few minutes later, he forgave her unconditionally, and all was well between them.  She was still worried about not making it through without her body giving up on her.

One night after a mostly successful tech run of the show, KSL brought up his writing, and she pointed directly to his face and said "I still need those MySpace blogs of yours!"  He said "Well bring your laptop one night and--" She cut him off with another finger point to her laptop just offstage in an audience seat.  He disappeared backstage, and emerged with a thumb drive from his backpack.

"Wait, you just carry these around with you all the time?  You are taking emotional baggage to a whole other level buddy!"  Apparently he had many things on that drive, not just the blogs he told her about.  "I want everything!" She said.  He didn't agree, but ended up giving her all the MySpace blogs as well as his later Wordpress blog.  "What if we stop being friends and I never get to read the rest?"

"Don't worry, that won't happen...we still have to have our tryst." KSL said with a smile.

"Please...that's YEARS away." she replied.

She had his life from 2005-2010 on her desktop.

She spent the next two days at work going through the poorly written entries.  She was worried she was going to have to hurt his feelings.  He asked how far he'd gotten after the first day, and what she thought.  She opened her mouth to answer, and he interrupted with "You really get to see my writing style change!"

She couldn't bite her lip in time and said "Does it change to being able to capitalize letters?"

A hurt, then slightly angry look crossed his face.  He grabbed both of her upper arms noir-style, mock shook her, and said "They were stream of consciousness."  She couldn't help but dig at him one more time.

"Well, when the stream dries up, you could always try spell check."

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