Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Transmission Transition

After the end of the weekend, she needed to take her car back and go to her first tech rehearsal.  She had a limited amount of time, but they needed to grocery shop and she had run out of Advil, which she desperately needed. 

Of course every. single. mirror. was out of place, as well as her chair which she had nicely pushed back and he didn't reciprocate with pushing forward.  It took her several precious minutes to adjust everything back to the way she had it.  Lean forward, adjust the rear view mirror.  Lean back, not quite right yet.  Days later it still wasn't exactly the way she liked it.

After she had gotten everything as close as she could, she looked down and saw that her gas light was on.  He'd gone through half a tank a gas in a day and a half.

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