Thursday, March 10, 2016

Not a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Just Manic

"Talked with BFF last night...didn't bring you up but she did. Her take on what she said was quite different, but that doesn't really surprise me. She wanted to know what we were talking about on the couch all night and I just said "he let me read some stuff he wrote and I had questions. You know me, I always have follow up questions." and then I changed the subject. I'm really sorry she came at you like that, it shouldn't happen again."
Seen at 11:00 AM

No answer to her apology after a full 24 hours. She told Goldie not about the details of his life, but just how the night had gone, and asked her if she was being crazy.  

"I think he either got gas and excused himself quickly and then booked it out of there before he sharted, or he started to get feelings for you and left so he could avoid fucking you in the bathroom."

"The 11AM no reply thing is a little long.  But he kinda almost had an intimate moment around/with you and probably is just going to shut you out for the usual 72 hour man-recovery period until he feels safe.  If you let him have space, when the show forces you to hang again, he'll remember you're awesome and be okay again."  Goldie was wise, and that was the right thing to do.

But who ever wants to do the right thing?

Sleuthy friend convinced her to contact him again, so she sent off a text about getting together with some of the old cast from the old show for $5 movie night.  He just said "I'm broke" and she offered to pay, and later upped the ante by saying if he drove, she'd buy him tacos and the movie.  He agreed and plans were put in motion.  She knew inviting him was going to piss off the BFF, but she decided it was a good day to be daring.

BFF was drunk by the time they showed up to dinner, and thankfully it was happy drunk as she said to KSL "Why don't we hang out anymore?" and KSL brought up how they fought at church camp and their relationship was never the same.  As KSL left the table to take a call, BFF said "That's just what I don't like about him, he puts himself down all the time and it's frustrating, you know?"  BFF was almost accusatory, and for a minute she almost said "It's something we are working on," but then realized how that would sound.  Then she wanted to say "Listen, he's not sticking his dick in me so he can do whatever he wants."  She instead decided to take that time to compliment someone else on their necklace and change the subject.

In the car on the way to the movie, he told her that his therapist session went well that week.  He said that basically the therapist said that he was on the right track and everything was a-okay for the month.  He asked her how her week had been going, and she said good, just busy overthinking her whole life.  He asked for specifics, and saw her hesitate.  "Penny, come on.  You know more about my current situation than my therapist, you can tell me."  The tequila was about to make her reveal more than she cared to.

So, using a line from their play, she asked about the kiss, prefacing it with how it could have been that he just felt sorry for her, and how normally he walks people to their car, but he just booked it like someone had shot him in the ass.  

There was a silence, slightly longer than usual, before he answered.  He said that it was NOT because he felt sorry for her, absolutely.  "We had just shared a lot that night, gotten closer...and it was just nice and friendly."

She didn't look at him, as she was embarrassed.  She felt juvenile even bringing it up.  "Okay.  I'm sorry, I really overthink everything.  So we are good though, right?"

"Better than." 

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