Friday, March 4, 2016

Conservative Crocodile Tears

"When you get a minute come into my office."

Always the dreaded words.  It turns out the pants she was wearing into the office were considered "jeans" even though they were not made of jean material.  They were designed similar to jeans, but when she showed the office manager other slacks from the same site, the only pants that fit her well, she also deemed them jeans.  She was stuck.  Instead of picking up props for her show or props for the movie she was involved in, she had to do the dreaded thing and go shopping.

She cried in her car on the way there in anticipation.  She was disproportionate to everything in life, nothing fit her correctly.  She had short legs, wide shoulders, narrow hips, chicken legs, narrow feet.  Her whole body didn't go together, and it was rare she found anything that made her feel confident.  Now she was being forced to get new pants that would undoubtedly make her look like a distant cousin of Tweedledee and Tweedledum. 

Fortune did smile on her in the form of a store she had sworn off long ago because she got fat shamed.  They opened an outlet, and she was skinny enough now that she managed to fit into their second largest size.  She decided that she forgave them, if only to make her life a little less horrible in the moment.

She picked up two pairs of pants that dragged the floor even though they were considered "short" and were too loose in the hip area but a little snug in the stomach.  Her total came to $80, money she didn't really have.  Against her better judgement, she went into the next store and came out with a top she later regretted, a skirt, and a different pair of pants.  She tried not to think about the fact that in a few months it would be too hot to wear all of these things.  Tears welled up in her eyes as she exited the outlet mall, but she managed to keep them from spilling.  So much money spent to make her look frumpy.  She hoped her work was happy.

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