Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trust Issues

Super Director gave her a look, telepathically telling her to look over at the lead actor and a mutual theatre actress.  They were obviously scheduling a hook up later, and they totally girl-ed out about how hilarious and scandalous it all was.

She called BFF on the way home to tell her the news, attempting to conference in SD but failing.  The next morning she saw theatre actress on Facebook, and remembered that she had some damage control to do.  BFF had said "She knows you hate her."  BFF would have been the only one to tell her that however, so she knew she had a little explaining to do.

The conversation went horribly.  The reason she had become angry with her in the first place became super apparent, and by proxy she became angry at BFF for putting her in this situation in the first place.

Her mouth had almost cost her the friendship with KSL, and pretty much had cost her any potential friendship with this actress because she couldn't see past the harsh lies BFF had told her.  It was no great loss there, but who else could be hating her because BFF couldn't keep her damn mouth shut?

She really needed to talk to PJ about this.  He would be able to put this into perspective and tell her what the best path was to take.  She didn't want to lose her BFF, but she could no longer trust her.

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  1. Sounds like the BFF is totally jealous of your life and relationships! A true friend wouldn't sabotage you.