Friday, September 2, 2016

Too Much Time To Think

"This was a trial period," she told herself about their 2 week separation.  She told herself this to calm down, to get herself to not overthink the situation.

Piz texted her the next afternoon.  Just a "Hi" with a blushing smilie face, and asking how her day was going.  After some idle chitchat about their day so far, he texted:

"I had fun last night.  You're a good kisser :-D"

She couldn't control the smile that spread across her face, wide and warm.  She felt like a weight was lifted, one that she didn't even know had settled on her.  She had been gliding on happy all day, but still felt some uncertainty as to how it had gone for him.  This was that ultimate validation she was searching for.  She told him how awesome that made her feel, and that she wished the next kiss wasn't so far away.

"I know right.  It'll be just that much better haha"

She literally couldn't stop smiling all the way to her show.  Her cast gave her a little crap for being on a date the night before, but they had all really liked him.  He had fit in very well with them, and was so very easygoing about everything.  He was a really nice, great guy.  She felt so comfortable with him, they got along so well already.

Sadly, with a week and a half alone with her thoughts, she went into overdrive.  When she had too much time to think, she thought about every possible outcome.  There were too many variables, and so she went through them all.

She thought through the romantic comedy route, with their meet cute already out of the way.  She saw them getting closer, having "at home" dates snuggled up on the couch watching something.  Going for walks by the river.  Even as far as when he left for 7 months, they got a place together that he could come home to, her taking care of the dog she hadn't yet met.  The dog loved her, of course.

The next day she went the opposite direction.  It had only been three dates in a month.  He was a straightforward dude, he most likely was dating a few girls who he had this talk with.  Maybe he had made out with them too.  Maybe he was sleeping with multiple people right now...and there was nothing she could do about that.  He was online on the dating website every day still.  Per her rule, she couldn't tell a dude what to do unless he was sticking his dick in her.  Even then, it didn't work out too well the last couple of guys.

She both celebrated and mourned this potential relationship.  She went a little batshit crazy and googled him...hoping not to find arrest records.  Instead she found his engagement photos, in which his ex was beautiful.  Radiant. You could tell he was in love with her, the way he looked at her.  Her bridesmaid dresses were a gorgeous Alice/Tiffany blue.  He had dipped her for their kiss.  She wondered if that had been her idea or his.  He had looked at her in almost the same way....or was she making that up in her overactive imagination?

Tomorrow she would settle on the truth.  The truth was they were only 3 dates and one make out session down.  They weren't exclusive, but it was hopeful.  It had a lot of potential.

She tried to forget and yet hang on as much as possible.  She still had 9 days to go before she saw him again.

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