Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Girls Weekend

The girl's weekend started out strong with them getting upgraded to a penthouse suite with an amazing view.  Until the suite was ready, they went down to hang at the hotel pool.  SD kept mostly to laying out and napping, and Goldie decided to go all in as she sat by the pool talking to her.

They caught up on Goldie's life, and she told her about Piz.  She gushed about how he was the opposite of the ex and KSL, and complimented her, and how he just ended his marriage so they had something in common.  "Well, I like him" Goldie said, and she felt better.  She was making good choices.  It was also nice to be able to freely talk about a guy she met.  She could get excited without feeling like she was being kept a secret.

"But no sexy-time yet?" Goldie asked.

"No, just a short make out session in his car at 3AM as he dropped me off.  I'm in that bubble of perfect happiness right now."

They had a full pool day the next day, and in the evening Mo came by to take her on an adventure for sushi burritos, drinks, and her favorite dessert.  They laughed and joked and everything was just like old times.

When they were having drinks, he stopped what he was saying and said to her "You seem great, you seem so happy.  You certainly aren't the same Penny who left here."

It struck her that he was totally right.  She was a completely different person, had lived a million different lives in the last year and a half.  She had gotten worse since leaving, but was on a hell of an upswing.  She felt she still had a ways to go, but it was so nice to see a light at the end of her long, dark tunnel.

"I am different." She confirmed, almost proudly.

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