Monday, September 5, 2016

Dude Date

They had been talking back and forth for about a week, and had plans to meet long before things got a little more serious with Piz.  Pilot was a really smart guy who had even done a local Ted Talk, and she found it easy to talk to him online, sometimes all day.

He had a bad weekend at his buddy's wedding, but said he owed her a sushi dinner for putting up with him complaining through it.  Never one to turn down free sushi, she decided to meet up with him.

Pilot started talking the minute he got in and never stopped.  They had a good rapport though, as long as she didn't feel like talking.  She ate most of the sushi while he regaled her with stories about his parents, early childhood, his mom's crazy side of the family, and his hideous dates from various dating websites.

She shared 1 story for every 5 of his, and got interrupted quite a few times, but she didn't mind.  He clearly didn't have a lot of people to talk to, and she felt bad for him.  He was a really intelligent, no filter, every so slightly socially awkward guy.  They got along great, just like her and BFF did.  She wouldn't be able to hang with him everyday, but she was glad she met up with him.  She had a feeling that she and Pilot would be great friends as time went on.  She liked that she didn't have to have a filter around him, and got to say many things that she would never say to anyone else.  Not only did he not flinch at it, but he found it amusing.

"You are just such a cool ass chick." He kept saying repeatedly.  Had anyone given this poor kid any attention at all?  It was a little sad.

She invited him to her play, he said he would come see it next week.  He invited her to his future house warming party, and she said she would try her best to make it and bring some potential awesome people.

It ended a dude date, and she was perfectly okay with it.  She no longer felt guilty for going out with him, as it had ended very platonically.  Her heart was still swaying towards Piz.

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