Friday, September 23, 2016

Three Little Words

"I was giving him a blow job and he said 'I love you' which I know he didn't mean, because you did the same thing once." She texted KSL.

"I said that???" He responded, clearly in shock.

"Yeah, you did. Nearly made me stop then too, but I decided to just glaze over it so it wasn't this whole big thing. But you did."

"Yeah, guys say things. We're dumb."  He said.

No fucking kidding, she thought to herself.  She had a PTSD type response when Piz had said that to her.  He said it plain as day, "Oh Penny, I love you."  Not even a full beat after, her brain echoed the same cadence and tone...only in KSL's voice. 

She didn't want him to mean it at all.  If he did, then the first time he said it was when she had his dick in her unromantic.  He didn't mean it.  He couldn't.

They had gotten close though.  He would usually come over one night a week, and she only had two condoms left from the box after just a few encounters.  He was insatiable, and she was more than willing to go along with it.  He was...perfect.   Attentive, kind...just everything she was looking for.  Everything she had been lacking with her ex and KSL.  

"I've been thinking about you a lot these last few days" Piz told her.  "Oh yeah?  What about me?"  She responded, head still on his shoulder.

"I don't know...just all about you."  She was happy he didn't see her blush.

But she still saw the worry in his eyes sometimes.  Piz was always worried about hurting her.  "And you aren't afraid of being hurt yourself?" She asked him again one night.

"I mean, I am...I guess it was silly to say that I couldn't be hurt...of course I could be hurt."

"I guess I can't make him not worry...maybe it will come with time" she thought. 

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