Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Exclusivity Part 2

They went for her favorite portable beverage.  It felt a little strange to be at the bar without KSL, but not strange enough for her to stop.  She had never had their signature hamburger, and because it was so big they ended up splitting it as their meal.

Their relationship wasn't brought up, but they did discuss food, religion, Greek myths.  It came up that he actually was talking to the head of the Improv troupe on the dating site for awhile, and she laughed at what a small town it was.  She would have to text her later and thank her for never meeting up with him.

After they were done with their food, He was feeling the drink, and suggested they take the rest of their drinks back to her apartment.

"How are you going to get up at 4AM to do this thing?" He asked her.

"It's literally the only thing that will get me out of bed early.  The only time when watching the sun rise doesn't make me angry that I'm awake.  It's just...my favorite thing." She couldn't help but smile when she talked about it.  Her face felt warm from his gaze.  "What?" She asked.

"My ex," he explained, "She would always sleep in on the weekend.  Like, until around 4 or 5 PM.  I would sit around waiting for her to wake up...by the time she did we didn't have time to go out and do anything.  I missed this event for 3 years."

She let him sit with the weight of that wasted time, and gently took his hand.  It was nice to be with someone who was different than all the past shit they had gone through.

"My idea of sleeping in is like...10AM.  That sounds like heaven, but the sun wakes me at like 8.  I love to sleep in, but 4PM is getting into major depression territory."  He nodded and looked down.  She decided to lighten the mood and said playfully "Am I going to be able to get you to wake up in time?"

He looked into her eyes and smiled, said "I bet you could think of a good way to wake me up."

She felt her heart warm at his glance, and said "I'm sure I'll think of something."

He took her face in his hands, and stated for the millionth time; "You are just so cute!" before kissing her.  Before long they were down to their underwear again, and he confidently grabbed for the fabric.

"Wait!" She exclaimed, "We haven't talked about this with our clothes on and sober yet!"

Piz looked down at her and said "I'm good with it.  I'm ready to do this.  Are you okay?"

She looked into his eyes, and her heart started to pound so loudly she could barely hear.  "I think....no...I need you to say it."

Though he was drunk, he obliged.  "It's just you and me until March.  Then we'll figure it out from there."

He waited for her, caressing her shoulders.  She caught his eye, then nodded.  She was ready to leap off the cliff.

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