Friday, November 4, 2016

Standing Up to Sit Down

She made a last minute decision to shirk her responsibilities at the Improv show and go to see a stand up comedian that was in town with MG.  There was no food in her house, so she had a glass of wine instead.  Drinking to forget was kind of becoming her thing for the week.

She spilled what had happened to MG, who seemed too wrapped up in her own excitement over the comedian to really focus.  She felt more alone than ever before, and wondered what had really gone wrong for her.

She put on her mask of happiness, and spent the evening being nice, listening to MG, laughing a little too hard at the stand up acts, and drinking.  Before the night was over, she was very buzzed, and still putting on a brave face.

She wondered how long much longer she would have to do that.

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