Tuesday, November 15, 2016


She got home from her day with KSL feeling a weight had been lifted.  She looked around her apartment, landing on her messy bed.

She needed to take that bed back to being just hers instead of one she shared with various men that felt nothing for her.  Or, maybe felt too much for her.

It was her bed.

She started several loads of laundry, determined to cleanse her entire apartment until it was hers again.  She stripped the bed, the spare towel he had used.  The bras he had taken off of her went directly into the laundry basket.  She wanted everything cleansed.  Disinfected.  Had she been rich, she would have just bought a brand new bed.

It felt good as she put away all the towels and laundry, and made her bed perfectly.  She even febreezed her couch so that ever single smell was gone from her studio.  It was finally her space again.  She swept and mopped and felt better with every sweep.  His hair was everywhere, even behind the door in the bathroom.

She baked the mac n cheese KSL had given her, and felt almost domestic doing it.

Before she even had time to sit back and admire her work, her old-timey car horn of a doorbell rang.  Followed immediately by a knock.  Then right afterwards another doorbell ring.

It was Goldie and SD, wanting to go out to the buffet.  Even though she was full on mac, she changed and went out with them.

It was good to be back to being with the girls and not having to worry about romantic relationships.  It was time to focus on herself and what made her happy.  She threw too much of herself into other people, and it was time to start being a little selfish.

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