Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Estrogen Ellen

As the estrogen from the last of the birth control pills coursed through her body, she started thinking a lot about the end of her marriage.

She really missed him, missed their inside jokes.  She read through the marriage tag on the blog to remind herself of just how bad it had been.  Although it had been bad, she missed what they had together.

She was down to the last bit of cereal in her box, and was careful not to get the powder into the last bowl.

She failed.  The powder went into her cereal, and it was like her whole life fell apart.  She could almost feel the estrogen coming off her in waves as she sat on the floor and sobbed.

Her whole life was falling apart.  Her job was on the verge of ending, No one wanted her in a relationship, No one appreciated her for who she was.  She was always giving 100% and getting 0% in return from everyone.  No one gave her the credit she deserved.

And she needed to get her shit together, or she was going to be late for work.  She tried to calm down, dabbed at the tears so as not to ruin the makeup she had just put on, and cried all the way to work.

She parked her car, gave herself a little slap on the face, and rallied to go inside.

Later on in the day she would describe the event to her office manager, and they howled with laughter, so hard she started crying again at the absurdity of her off the charts hormone changes.

She hoped that it had finally broke and she was leveling out.  She couldn't take much more.

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