Thursday, November 10, 2016

Getting Back on Track Part 1

She woke up that morning and knew immediately that the estrogen was finally done raging through her body.  Instead of being sad and weepy about her situation, and about Piz, she was angry.  Angry and over it.  He obviously hadn't been ready for a relationship from the start, as she said, and he's stupid.  The sex was great, but it was over and that was fine.  She was too good for him, and she was totally okay with it.

It might have been the testosterone that spilled over counterbalancing the estrogen.

Despite the 'roid rage, she was also still a little lonely and vulnerable that day.  She asked several people to adventure with her to the capitol for coffee, no one was available.  She messaged KSL, since she asked him to come along last week before realizing the weather was too bad to trek over.  After her rehearsal was canceled, it seemed they had the whole day to adventure.

He got in the car, and it was easy, no awkwardness.  He launched right into a hilarious story about his punk roommate and how they were shopping at the store and she got angry because he had finished some TimTams that she told him to finish.  Then she got more angry that he bought her a whole new bag, citing she was starting a diet and didn't need them.

"Speaking of food," he said "I made a spare mac n cheese dish that's really good if you want it.  Just return my cookware of course, that shit was expensive."

Her upbringing and pride made her hesitate.  For some reason she was just always taught that you never accepted charity, it was polite to not take anything from anyone, even when offered.  However, he had offered, and it would save her a lot of money on food that week.  It sounded really good.

"You know, I should say no, but that sounds amazing.  If you mean it I'd love to have it."

Briefly, she wondered if it was a ploy for her affections, as he knew Acts of Service was her love language...but he was just being a friend.  A good friend.  She missed that.

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