Monday, July 31, 2017

Listening to Reason

A Snapchat came through.  It was Mel, thanking her for the "fun evening" on Friday.  She messaged him back and said that she apologizes if she had been the Han to his Greedo and kissed first.  He replied that it was all in good fun, that he'd been wanting to do it awhile, and they were both currently single so it was no harm no foul.

She breathed a sigh of relief.  He wasn't going to be weird about it.  She didn't need to worry.  She'd heard stories about him freaking out over girls and his many sexual proclivities.

Now she could just go back to worrying about sex with Nameless.

She had finally gotten her test results back, negative.  After the slight scare and a friend confiding to her that he had gotten HPV a few days prior, she had been a little worried.

She had texted him that she was "squeaky clean like a rubber ducky" but hadn't gotten a response yet.  He was so stoic, and she thought that maybe that is what was messing with her.

She had to focus on what was.  He said that he thought it was obvious that he liked her body and mind.  She'd obviously turned him on, and he had said that if he didn't want her to be there, she wouldn't be.  He had been respectful always, a gentleman...while still being fun loving, passionate about his work, and a lover of all things Kevin Smith, an apparent requirement of hers.

Slightly more assurance would be nice, but she needed to get with the facts and listen to reason.  It was perfectly okay to proceed.

Finally a response came from him.  "Hahaha...well that's good.  Now don't sleep with dirty dirty guys."

"Well crap.  Now what am I going to do with you?"

Not much as it turned out.  A friend of his had come into town and he might be going out of town the entire next week.

"It's okay," she responded. "I know you can find a way to make it up to me later. 😘"

"Challenge accepted."

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