Friday, July 28, 2017

Harmless Fun Part 2

The group lost AB and BFF as they moved onto a gay bar.  It came down to JJ, Rey, and a group of people she almost never spent time with.  One in particular, Mel, she hadn't seen in almost a year, save for a quick moment when he came to her work to sign up for something.  He was out celebrating his birthday that night.  They had worked on a show together 2 years ago, and he had held him while he cried about an ex-girlfriend who had come to the show and brought up some feelings for him.

He was a bad actor, but as a person completely harmless.  She had never really thought of him one way or another since, had even deleted his information out of her phone during one of those times when she needed more storage for an update.

The group had started to pair up on the dance floor, leaving them together.  She had another drink and when drunk she loved to dance, so she grabbed him and pulled him onto the dance floor.  Grabbing his hand felt familiar, and she suddenly realized that at the last bar she had grabbed it to get him to leave while he was talking to KSL's ex.  She was on a whole 'nother level of aggressive tonight.

She knew that she was too drunk to be dancing well, and started to lean into him for support...which led to slightly more intimate dancing.  The alcohol throbbed through her system as the beat got more and more intense.

She couldn't remember if he'd kissed her first, or she had kissed him.  The memory was lost in time.  All she could remember was that they were kissing, and had been for awhile.  Without inhibition, a thought to how he was 9 years younger than her, or any other logical thought, she just enjoyed the moment.  He was a great kisser, almost better than KSL had been.  He kept up with her style and knew all the right places to grab her while they kissed.  She was addicted and kept going back for more.

3:00 AM came around and they headed out of the club.  The rest of the group head off towards their car, and he offered to walk her the half-block home.  She decided to let him.

The stopped across the street from her building, and came together to kiss again.  She got lost in it until she realized people were walking by them and how they must look.

"I could come up." He offered.

"I'm drunk, not stupid" she thought to herself, but to him she just said "I don't think so.  This was fun though."

"I've wanted to do this for two years.  Even before, when you were married...I feel bad about that, but I wanted this.  I really wanted to kiss you."

Her mind went through a range of thoughts.  The first being that she thought that was a great line, and would have totally worked on a girl his age to get him to come up.  The second being that he was earnest enough to mean that, and it was flattering.  The third being that she was now worried he was going to think they had something going on...and she felt nothing for him.  Even though she and Nameless hadn't had a talk about exclusivity, she felt like being exclusive with him.  She had no idea what came over her that night.

"I had fun...but I'm way too old for you.  This was a birthday present."

They kissed again.  She was embarrassed by how addicted she was to feeling so desired by someone.

It was awhile before they broke apart and she walked into her building, alone.

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