Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ms.'d Communication

She'd shot off an innocent text to Nameless on Friday and then tried to get on with her weekend and not think about him.  She realized all to well her aloofness had gotten her this far...clearly she hadn't shown him her overthinking skills.

She went shopping with Dawn, telling her about her little PG-13 romance.  Dawn was, as always, super supportive and wonderful.

"I'm...I'm afraid."  She said.  Dawn looked up from their retail therapy to take note.

"I'm afraid I don't know what a healthy relationship looks or feels like.  This feels nice but...there isn't a big spark, a big fire.  With my ex it was like this.  Nice, easy, cute.  With KSL it was like fire and danger right away.  With Piz, once things became physical, it was so exciting...but it burnt out so fast.  I don't know what feels healthy or normal."

Dawn nodded.  "I forget exactly how the saying goes, but they say that when the right one comes along you feel calm."

"But that's not very much fun" She retorted.  After a moment of silence they both laughed.

By Sunday night she was feeling a little disappointed that she still hadn't gotten an answer from her text on Friday, but he did tend to get really busy at his weekend job.

The pain was starting to worsen on Monday afternoon until she heard her phone go off.  A message on the dating website...from him.

One of the experiments at work had fried his cell phone and three others, and he had lost all his data, including her number.  He'd been waiting all weekend for her to text him so he could get her number back.  He'd never gotten her last text on Friday.

She'd won yet another Mexican standoff that she didn't know she was even having.

Because of the accident, things were going to be hard for him at work, and he wouldn't be able to see her for a week.  The next weekend was July 4th and he was going camping with friends.  It seemed as if their budding romance was put on an indefinite hold.

"Bummer." She texted him.

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