Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Harmless Fun Part 1

She was overthinking again, ruining a nice thing.  Really she was just nervous about getting to the point where she needed to sleep with Nameless.  She wanted to sleep with him.  She was just scared...scared he wasn't feeling that this was anything more than a fling.  Not being able to see him very frequently gave her far too much time to think.

She went to volunteer for a show and her friend Rey bought her a drink.  The show was sold out, so instead of staying to watch it, she, AB, BFF, and Rey went out to eat.  Half a sandwich and another drink later, and they walked across the street to a bar.  3 drinks after that, she had texted her friend JJ to come join them, saying "There's a 90% chance I'll make out with you." knowing it would be an innocent "Disney Friends With Benefits" situation.

She was still full of hormones from the night before, and she impulsively texted Nameless "I'm so drunk right now.  I wish you were in town."  At noon the next day he would text back "Drunk cute"

While she was having a good time she looked across the bar...and saw KSL's ex.  The one he had left when they were first together.  She was drunk and running on pure emotions, and she was totally irritated that his ex was again crashing the same bar she was in.  For some reason she blamed KSL, and texted him as such.  It led to yet another back and forth between them where she told him that he no longer had any use for her because she was no longer weak, and he preyed on the weak.

A couple of other mutual friends joined up with them, and decided to move onto the next bar.

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