Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Weekend of Broken Promises

At the last minute her boss decided to give everyone the Monday before Independence day off, and well as the 4th.  She was more upset than anything else, as she hadn't had time to really plan anything.

She made beach plans with MG that got shut down pretty quickly by SD,  stating they had a rehearsal that night and would never get back in time.  Goldie overheard and suggested a closer beach, and that they all go.  She acquiesced.

A few days later there was a text from Goldie to her and SD.  "Why don't we make it a staycation and do a buffet and hang by the pool?"

SD responded in kind.  She did not respond at all.  She guessed it didn't matter what she thought one way or was the exact opposite of what she wanted to do that weekend.

Later Goldie again texted her about going to a ball game on July 4th.  "No thanks, I really can't afford it.  Have fun though!"

"I already bought your ticket!"

She scowled.  She didn't even ask her if she wanted to go, just bought a ticket.  She disliked having plans made for her.  Her plans for the weekend had been all well and good until Goldie came along and blew them up.  Suddenly all she wanted to be was alone.

Again, she didn't respond.  Goldie pushed.  She became more angry, and still didn't respond.  Eventually she had to respond as Goldie kept hounding her.  She was as restrained as possible.  Goldie still said some harsh, rude things to her under the guise of friendship.  Then she insisted on a trip to wine country that was a few hours away, only to say it would be pretty pricey an hour later.

Dejected, she left her suitcase out on her coffee table, packed only with some underwear and pj's.  She was so desperately tired of being jerked around.  Her heart hurt.

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