Friday, July 14, 2017


Sometimes technology provided people with too much power.  She found herself with an overabundance of it during the weekend of broken promises.

The dating website had a Q&A section that she had almost forgotten about.  She found herself with too much free time, and logged on to look at Nameless' answers.

What she found was so conflicting she ended up texting Mo at 1 in the morning.  She had a gut feeling he'd be up anyway, maybe feeding his newborn.

"So what do you think it means if a guy has expressed on his dating profile that sex is extremely important to him, but in person he's not pushing it at all?  Full of shit on his profile to make himself seem cool, being respectful, or not actually interested?"

Mo was quick to answer.  "He just wants to fuck but is being gentleman-like.  Every guy wants pussy--it's just how one goes about it that makes them suave, fake, or a fucking dick."

"It's throwing me off if he's so pussy centric then why hasn't he made a move or tried to pressure me into anything.  You think he's just longhauling me?"

"He could be testing the waters because he could be like me...which means he's just making sure he actually wants to have sex with you.  Like how picky I am you know?"

She knew.  He wouldn't even talk to women if they didn't have the right kind of feet, as if that was something anyone could control.

She decided she needed to put this added knowledge to rest.  Obviously he was interested in her, and she needed to give it all a rest and chill out.

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