Monday, July 17, 2017

The Waiting Game

The day had marked a week since she'd heard from Nameless.  He went camping the previous Friday for Independence Day weekend, but he had been in a foul mood just before.  She sent him a text before he left, saying she would miss him.

Maybe that had been a mistake.

She sent him a text asking how camping had gone on Wednesday.

No answer.

They'd gone this long without talking before.  But the recent physical things had seriously screwed with her.  She had no idea if he was gone this time for good.  If he was just no longer into her.

She worked herself up into a frenzy, and it took listening to one of her own podcasts about her overthinking to stop her.  Nameless was very scientific and straightforward, he had even told her he wouldn't ghost her, he would tell her before he ghosted her, which she had laughed at.

She needed to operate under the assumption that he still liked her until being told otherwise.  When he wasn't around she needed to almost forget he even existed.  She needed to just live in the moment when she was with him.  She still had a few days before getting back her test results, she had done everything she could.

He finally texted her back two days later.  "Camping was good.  Got in late Wednesday and back to the busy grind.  Heading out shortly.  Have to meet with a few professors then head out of town.  I will be back next week."

"Have a good weekend" She texted back, and then tried to forget about it all.

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