Monday, October 10, 2016

Yes And...

"Ready to meet the troupe?"  She asked.  She felt she had adequately prepared him for the ego-show that was her funny group of Improvers.

He was ready.

They got a vodka red bull to enjoy the show with, and laughed about how terrible their drink choices were.  It was a party drink, but they had zero plans to party.

During the show he laughed out loud more times than she'd ever seen him laugh.  It was hard to tell with his ultra introvert status, but he did really seem to like it.  He said SD was fantastic, and it really was a marvel she was great at all considering that her brother had died the week before.  The funeral was next week, and she knew she had to go but was dreading it.

She became nervous when he finally met BFF and Goldie for a minute after the show.  Both of them were great and engaging with him.  She asked BFF why her boyfriend wasn't there.

"Well," BFF began, "He told me that he wasn't really feeling that great and so he wasn't coming to the show tonight, and I was upset...but then he took me out for sushi so it's fine now."

She laughed and turned to Piz and said "For future reference, if you ever need to tell me something horrible, it won't be that bad if you take me out for sushi afterwards.  Literally almost anything can be made better with a sushi meal."

He really stood on his own, and they talked as they were the only ones at their table.  The subject of a hot springs weekend trip was made up, and they looked up the place on her phone to check it out.

"They have regular rooms and they have dorm style rooms with other people!" She said in horror.

He deadpanned "I get top bunk."

They laughed and she said they might both get top bunk if the place was all booked up.  They looked at the site a little more before deciding the place was out of their budget, even if they did take the bunk beds.  Another dream laid to rest.  She was beginning to think that they would never actually get a weekend away.

They went back to her studio and had another round of marathon sex.

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