Friday, October 21, 2016

Strepped Again

"Do you work with kids?" The Doc-In-A-Box asked her.

"No...I guess I'm the kid." She answered.  The doc said she would send this report onto her main doctor with a recommendation to take her tonsils out.  It would be a welcome removal.  She never thought she'd see the day where she'd look forward to a surgery, but here she was...asking for it.

"When was the last time you had strep?"  The doc asked.

"It should be in your computer...a few months ago it feels like."  The doc looked it up and gave her the date...around July 4th.  The last time she'd had sex with KSL.

"The minute clinic confirmed the last time I've had strep, and no offense but the correlation is your dick in my mouth. Wash that ish."  She messaged him.

"Mmm, good to know.  I had showered earlier that day, but then had the show that night."

She couldn't help getting one last dig in.  "Or maybe stop making chicks deep throat it."

"Hahaha, sorry."

She texted Piz that she was sick, and could they reschedule for the next day?  He was fine with it, but had to go in for a test and signed off quickly.

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