Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Leave Your Conscience At The Tone Part 4

 One drink turned into two, as they listened to stand up on his phone, and she stroked the back of his neck.  She eventually rested her head on his shoulder, and she felt the sadness wash over him.  At one point he asked if she was falling asleep on him.  She had been, but didn't admit it.

It had been a really rough day, for both of them.  She raised her head and looked into his eyes.  She could feel his pain.  She reached up and kissed him on the cheek.  He turned his head slightly, and suddenly they were making out aggressively.

Suddenly she finally understood what he said to her at the beginning of the year when he had kissed her.  It seemed like he needed it. 

 Their grief had given way to passion.  Lots...and lots...of passion.  He pulled her on top of him on the couch, and she forgot how great he was at swinging her around and making her feel small.

"You know," she said in-between kisses, "I really do miss our friendship."

He grunted and with one swift movement removed her shirt.  His style hadn't changed, everything was still flawlessly choreographed.  Kisses that felt like all the love in the world, like she was the only girl on earth.  She knew she wasn't though, and that was okay.  She knew what this was.

"Hey, we are half naked...might as well have sex right?"  KSL asked.  She rolled her eyes at him and kept kissing him.

The sex was a Greatest Hits tape on acid.  They were both aggressive with each other, demanding more and getting caught up in the heat of the moment.

He was rough, but also compassionate.  He had her up against her mirror wall, and in one fluid motion grabbed a pillow and placed it behind her head.  There were many positions, and everything was super intense.

"Are you almost there?" He asked her.  "I was there forever ago, what are you talking about?  Are YOU there?"

"I came a long time ago, you didn't notice?  I was just trying to compete with Marathon Man."  KSL said, almost hurt.

"Oh my god get off of me if you are done!"  She said.

"But...you came?  You are okay?"

She nodded, and he collapsed on the bed beside her.  "I'm sweating like fucking crazy...what time is it?"

She flicked up her fitbit.  3:30 AM.  They had been "hanging out" at her apartment for three plus hours.  He contemplated taking a shower, but instead just took off the condom and laid back down next to her on the bed.

"Man...that was intense."  She said.

"Mmm" he agreed.

"How do you NOT want a relationship with me after that?  You are fucking crazy.  I'm amazing." She said.

He laughed, and shrugged.  They both agreed that this was a one time thing.  "I don't think we should see each other naked for awhile."

"Well, at least until April."

"Why, is that when your boy is leaving?" He asked.

"Nope, that's when our pact is up.  He leaves the month before."

"Ah, the romantic comedy pact?"

"Yep.  Until then, you should be going.  Text me that you are home safe."

He just texted a simple "Home" at 4:30 AM.  She was already asleep and saw it at 8:00 AM.

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