Friday, October 14, 2016

Leave Your Conscience At The Tone Part 2

"Okay, not to be a jerk, but this is the 3rd conversation we've had about this exact same problem.  You need to work this out with him...or like, just be busier so you don't obsess about it."

"You're right, I shouldn't have this much free time." She told MG.  MG was right of course, eventually something had to give.  It was upsetting that he still checked the dating site everyday, and she always felt like she was coming in last place to his school or nap times.  She was conflicted, but Goldie had made her promise to be cool about everything.  She was trying, but it felt like she was being pushed aside in the process.

She texted Piz right before the show asking how his day had gone.  An hour later he finally texted back that he just woke up from a nap.  He asked how she was, and she told him the day had been really hard, and she was going dancing at a dive bar after Improv to get drunk and forget about the day.  It was her cry for help, saying she needed him.  He said he was going to keep studying, and the next day his dad was going to take him out to dinner for his birthday.

"Wait," she thought to herself, she was supposed to take him to dinner for his birthday.  Was this his way of telling her?  What would Goldie say?  Goldie would tell her to play it cool.

She responded that was nice of him, and did he want to do something during the day with her instead?

"Today I was just catching up on homework but I've got an accounting exam next week that I should probably start studying for."

That didn't answer her question.  He was being overly evasive.  She tried her best to keep her temper in check and asked "So, you don't want to hang tomorrow?"

"I know it's my birthday but I need to study for this exam.  We can hang out sometime next week."

She saw red.  He didn't have a job right now, so he had ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to study for this exam.  What red blooded American male didn't want a birthday blow job from the girl he was seeing?  The fucking nerd wanted to study instead?

And, hang out "sometime next week?" What kind of vague ass thing was that?  Usually he was very specific about time frames.  Was he losing interest?  Was this because after marathon sex she had fallen asleep?  She had been so tired!  They'd been out doing stuff all that day...was he holding it against her, or thinking she couldn't keep up?  She was so hurt, and knew that she couldn't show it.  Goldie told her to be cool girl, and Cool Girl she would be.

"That's okay.  Have a good night and a good birthday tomorrow."  She knew she wasn't about to send him a birthday text the next day.

"Thanks for understanding.  You have a good night too!"

She threw out one last lure.  "Thanks!  Tonight isn't going to be good...lost of drinking my feelings."

"Ok, be safe."

She felt as if she'd lost the whole relationship.  She was so angry.  She texted back "No promises!"

She started texting everyone she could think of that would comfort her in her time of need.

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