Friday, August 4, 2017

Murder on the 16th Floor

As it turned out, the paperwork they had filled out was the wrong one.  She forwarded the correct paperwork to him, asked him to fill it out and give it to her mother, as she was seeing her the following Sunday.

Sunday came around and her mother brought all her junk mail, but was missing the divorce paperwork.  She claimed to have not known about it at all.

She texted the ex and asked him where it was, as now she was going to have to drive all the way back to her mother's house to get it.  He made the limp excuse that he thought she was swinging by anyway and he had left it on the kitchen table.  Her mother's hoarder style dining room table.  It was going to take her a decade to find it.

She was already running late, so she found the paperwork and left without seeing anyone in the house.  Her sister and her boyfriend were out, and her ex wasn't home either.

The next day she went to the court.  She ended being up in the wrong office, but they told her to go to the aid office to have them check the paperwork before going over to the correct building.

Smart move, because it turned out that she actually needed a friend to sign a portion saying that she had lived in the state for the appropriate amount of time.  She also needed to be at work in the next half hour.

In a panic, she called SD who she knew had the day off.  She was out, but said "Just sign my name to it, no bigs."

She wasn't about to forge a legal document that meant so much to her.

She messaged everyone she could think of, and even considered going into work early to see if a co-worker would do it.  She walked down the street next to where she and KSL had their first D&M, sat down and tried to control her tears.  For a fleeting moment she considered KSL who also had the day off.  She shrugged it off almost immediately, as he didn't even have a working car to reach her to sign anything.  If she didn't get everything signed then the dates were wrong and she'd have to start all over.

Finally she got a hold of Goldie who was coming back from a treatment and was feeling nauseous.  She was a true friend and stopped by her work to fill out the paperwork for her.

Then during her lunch break, she walked back over to the right place, paid $400, and filed the paperwork.

She immediately felt a wave of regret, guilt, and utter sadness.  There had been a murder, and she was a criminal.

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