Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Little Too Much Fun

It was 21's birthday again, and they decided to have another epic night of drinking, sans DUI this time.

Everyone had their shows to perform/direct/attend, so they all decided to meet up later in the night.  Acrobat and SD crapped out just before everyone was supposed to meet up, so it ended up being their directors from the show last year, MG, and a mutual friend JJ.

She and JJ had been flirting almost since they met a couple of years ago.  It was purely innocent and sweet, and she enjoyed his company.  He had been there for the Harmless Fun night, where she told him she'd make out with him if he came.  He accidentally brought a friend, rendering making out null and void, which is why she ended up making out with the other boy.

She remembered making out with JJ, and 21 trying to make out with her...but the rest of the night, up to a certain point, was a blur.  MG informed her that at a certain point she had fallen asleep on a toilet.

She decided that it was time to stop abusing alcohol so much.  She had a bad week and deserved to act out a bit...but the time was over.

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