Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Meteor Showers of Feels

There was a lot of buzz around the meteor shower, and she loved going out and watching them.  She and the ex had been in an astronomy class together in college.  She smiled as she remembered everyone cheating off him in the final.

If she wanted to be friends with him she was going to have to do the hard things.  She texted him and asked if he was busy.  He was so clueless that he didn't even know a meteor shower was going on.

As they drove out to the middle of nowhere, it was very reminiscent of the wedding they went to awhile back.  The conversation was raw, hard.  She talked about how much she felt like the divorce was a death.

He took a big breath before telling her that he loved so much that she was able to put what he was feeling into words.  She had almost forgotten that she had left him without an emotion interpreter.  He'd never been good at it, but then again he almost never had them at all.

Until she brought all of them upon him.

She guessed that the guilt wasn't over with yet.

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