Monday, August 7, 2017

Mountains of Haze

It was Fire Season.  Even though they'd had a great, wet winter...the summer had turned dry and there were fires all around the surrounding area.  The last few days had filled the valley with smoke.

One morning she woke up, and for the third day in a row she couldn't see the mountains.

She hadn't realized until then how much she had counted on them to be there.  She became anxious and felt exposed.  It was like a blanket that had been ripped away from her and she grew cold.

It had been quite a week of emotions too.  Getting to be okay with Nameless and where they were heading...coming to terms with the fact that she had made out with someone without any sort of emotions attached to it.

On her end, anyway.

Mel had messaged her, asking what she was doing on Saturday, a mere 8 days after the incident.  He was marching in a Pride Parade and wanted her to come.  She told him she had breakfast plans with the Unicorn and then a facial later that day.  He then asked what she was doing Friday.  Luckily she had plans to go out drinking with her Maid of Honor.

"If you don't want to go just tell him that.  If it hurts his feelings he'll get over it." JJ advised her.

"I've just seen him get really emotional and over attached."  She messaged back.

"Oh yeah.  Definitely.  But like I said, if you're not feeling it then just tell him."

"I did.  Guess I'll have to keep doing it."

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