Friday, August 25, 2017

Hotel Life

Mel texted the weekend after their first date.  "I got a room at the big resort for the next two nights so I'm staying there.  Want to come to the hotel bar for a drink?  My treat of course."

It was a weeknight, and she hesitated before reminding herself that her life was her own and she could do what she wanted to do.  So what if she was a little tired at work the next day?  She was an adult.

She got there just as last call was happening at the bar.  She ordered a dirty martini that he adorably turned his nose up at.  For being a bartender and a wedding DJ, he certainly didn't appreciate the strong booze.

They talked and laughed and finished their drinks.  He was a little shy when suggesting that they get another drink and take it up to the room.

"Just as long as you get that I'm not having sex with you up there."  She said, stern but smiling.

"I'm not expecting anything...well maybe some light making out."  He smiled back.

The room had a big kitchen, a living room, a huge bathroom, and a doorless bedroom.  She was impressed and went to the window to check out the view.  About a minute later he came up behind her and reached down and hugged her from behind.  She felt a bit of a stab in her heart as she realized that she and Piz had done that with her view all the time.  She tried to shake off the feeling.

"You know the LED screen on the side of this building lights up my entire apartment?  It's insane."

"Seriously?  You are like halfway across town, that's crazy!"


A comfortable silence came between them, and soon he turned her around and kissed her.  The kissing intensified, and she felt him gently guiding her towards the bedroom.  She playfully called him on it and he looked ashamed as she laughed and led him by the hand into the bedroom to the bed, kicking off her shoes as she went.

Soon enough his hands were under her shirt, and she told him about her quid pro quo.  She took his shirt off and he struggled with her sports bra and she giggled at him.

They wore each other out without anyone's pants coming off, and they fell into cuddling soon after.

His phone kept going off and she grabbed it and downloaded apps that made his phone better.  She texted with JJ and laughed as JJ told Mel about her sexual preferences that he had gleaned from her podcast.  Mel laughed and said that JJ was his best friend.

About an hour after falling asleep she woke up uncomfortable.  Her thyroid had been burned out and she felt like she got hit by a truck.

She was sort of done with being there.  She gave him a kiss, slightly waking him up, and told him that she was going home.  He wanted to walk her to her car, and she told him to just go back to sleep.  He asked her to text him when he was home safe, which she did.  It was a pretty racy but awesome second date.

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